Corporate WHORE

Careers and Workplace and all that jizzy jazz is a waste of time.

We’re bred to be corporate whores, we will never be rich enough to be part of the elite. The only way we CAN be a part of the elite is by washing their dogs or cleaning their bathrooms as maids and servants.

I’m NOT an elite, and I can NEVER be one no matter how hard I try. Thank you Mom n Dad, its because of you I can’t kill, steal and cheat my way to the top to become an elite, just work hard and have my ass kicked/fucked.

And yet, after all your teachings, you’ve always wanted to see me as an elite. No wait, you come back at that by saying we don’t want to see you as an elite, we’ve only trained you to strive for the best, YOU want to see yourself as an elite.
Well yes, you’re right I give up. I have a dream I can never fulfill, thanks yet no thanks to you ūüôā




Bright Lights and bloody armor!

I hav so much hate to throw out here, so much negativity buried inside my chest its not a pun intended matter anymore. For long I’ve tried to bring myself to terms of living happily ever after, but everytime I use those words, I curse he who came up with the term.

For now I don’t believe in happily ever afters. For some weird reason, it seems to me, happily ever after just isn’t for me. Even when it comes to me, it won’t be in the shape I’ve imagined it in my feeble little mind.

It’s more or less like parents, they will never understand your needs for certain things, God perceives it similarly I guess. Dear God, please provide me with an XBox 360 with Kinect. Love ME!
And voila, a brand new Nintendo Wii. XBox, ¬†Xbloody fuckin BOX with KI fuckin NECT. Wasn’t that simple? and the voice replies, you wanted a gaming console, you have a gaming console, all the same is it not?

Anywho, I’ve begun to despise people with happy vibes. How could you, you morons, you idiots. It stings me, your vibes sting me, they don’t feel like acupuncture needles or nipple piercings which would be self induced torture. No. They sting me like I’ve been pushed into a cactus tree. They sting me like I’ve fallen into a pit full of needles and I need to have many more jabbing into my skin before I could crawl out and start pulling them out.

People should have more respect for the likes of me, the ones with confused vibes, black within when bright outside, bright within when gray clouds rise.

There are times when a bright shiny morning becomes the biggest threat to my existence, when I perceive happy people as zombies out to eat my brain. And they prove me right every time.

Life isn’t a happy subject matter, it just isn’t. We were thrown here to create our happiness. And over the years we’ve been TAUGHT to either materialize them as products, or buy them off those who have materialized them. I want to be the latter, the one with enough money to purchase them. Make me RICH, Please!

This stupid rant, which is neither interesting to read, nor pleasing enough to keep is going to become my embarrassment for a while to come because at the moment, it is me!


It had been a while since I had nightmares, mostly through my teen ages only. Thats by far the age when you hold the most insecurities I believe. People chasing me, out to get me, ready to kill me, running, running from a beast, running from the fire, running ahead of someone or something, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. I’ve never been fond of big white rooms and happy spaces, I’ve rather enjoyed feeding on Godly Lament.

After many years tonight I woke up in a rush, sweating profusely, clutching to my own fingers. I remember not a clear moment of what I had been witnessing in the Alter Era of my conscience¬†mind, and the more I press to remember, the more I tend to forget about it, but I know for a fact it was dark and black. It brought back that surge of fear in my heart. Kind of the way I’ve grown used to liking over the years. And after so many years, I finally felt alive again!

Independence for gun powder sale

Please observe a two minute silence for the nation as we celebrate 64 years of silent anarchy, illiteracy and¬†feudal rule and self suppressed idiotic heartless scared to the core 2% (hypothetically rhetoric figure)¬†of literates amongst our hungry, dying or overly rich 16 carore bastards (yes none of them is a Pakistani anymore, they’re ANYTHING but THAT)


When asked what he would do now that he had succeeded in the fight to win a nation for the minorities of India, Quaid-e-Aazam Mohammad Ali Jinnah replied that he would do the same, fight for the minorities. We live true to his vision after all, the minorities need their leaders to make separate nations. Oh wait, they already have, just not geographical countries, the leaders don’t need to, the Dollar rate may differ in their region if they did!